ok, so as you know, i bake for the birthdays of my employees. i try to make them all as individualized as i can, like lauren’s gigundo poptart or andy’s zombie cupcakes. so when carlos’ birthday came up i knew i had to do something around the yankees since he is a die-hard fan. i thought about shaping a cake into the yankees logo, or putting a baseball diamond on top of a cake… but then i remembered that i kinda stink at that sort of thing. i am a good baker and a mediocre decorator; as you can see in the pictures here, i couldn’t even get the icing smooth- tho i am letting myself off the hook because i used marshmallow fluff icing, which is much harder to spread.

one of my work friends though… she is a decorating phenom! being someone who likes to give credit where credit is due, melissa is due a *ton* of credit, so i suggest you check out her cakes and join me in my amazement. the more recent cakes are in the bottom album . now that you have seen these, you may understand a little better where i am coming from. but, i know my role… and even though i will never be able to decorate like she does, that doesn’t mean i can’t make a lovely cake!

in any case, the evening before his birthday i had a ton to do, so i had to get a little creative with the process– i knew that if i wanted to ice a cake i would need to bake it on lunch to allow time for it to cool and me to decorate it in the evening. taking this into account, plus his sister telling me he likes chocolate chip cookies, and my desire to make the applying of all-over icing as quick and simple as possible, i chose the flattest cake i know of- the cookie cake.

i have made several cookie cakes with my mother, but apparently it has been a long time, as i forgot about the panic that ensues when you drop the dough into the pan and find that it doesn’t even cover half of it. since i only had about 40 minutes to make and bake this cake during my lunch (i get a hour, but had to drive back and forth), i decided to call my mother and make sure that she only uses one batch of dough to fill it. she confirmed that yes, it is one batch of dough, and yes, it will seem an impossible task but to just keep pushing it down and moving it around. i felt like i had pushed it down as much as i could and i still had large holes in the dough; i really didn’t understand how it could be done. i momentarily considered throwing it into a 9″ cake pan instead of the 16″ pizza pan i was using, but as we learned last week- your mother tends to be right, so i kept working the dough until it finally filled the pan. i took a moment to be proud of myself, then threw it into the oven since i was running short on time.

when it came out of the oven it was golden and had risen up covering the few thin patches i had settled on. -whew- i allowed it to cool, then when i got home from work i carefully flipped it over onto a rack, then very very carefully into the pizza box i was using to transport it in. since i love the way fluff icing works in sandwich cookies, i figured it would be delightful as the base icing on a cookie cake. i had to modify the original recipe by adding a little bit of butter, as well as more confectioner’s sugar and milk until i go to the right consistency. really, this was a cross between buttercream and fluff. for the decorating, i used a straight buttercream since i know that pipes pretty well (though i still have not mastered neat releases with it). overall, i was pretty happy with the way it turned out, and it got great reviews! of course, there were some folks disappointed to find that there was no pizza in the pizza box!

as for the recipe… i just used the one on the back of the nestle tollhouse bag, and i didn’t keep track of how much sugar and milk i ended up using in my modified version of the oatmeal cream pie icing.

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7 Responses to know your role

  1. I love the idea of a cookie cake shaped as a big baseball. Something out of the ordinary for a birthday!

  2. Jennifer says:

    I think this looks amazing!

    I love to bake and do so often, but I am a horror at decorating.

  3. sharon says:

    thanks much! i am glad i am not the only one [o:

  4. Laura says:

    You know, my role is definitely as the baker. I’m not so concerned with the aesthetics. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to take a few dessert decorating courses. However, I believe food can be edible art….the key word being edible. What’s the point of beauty if it doesn’t please the other senses, too? :)

  5. Tina says:

    This looks fantastic! And I love the idea of transporting it in a pizza box; however, I think I’d deck anyone who expressed disappointment that it wasn’t pizza! 😉

  6. sharon says:

    hhahah! thankfully, once they found out what really was inside, they are equally as happy! otherwise, yes, there would have been some trouble [o;

  7. sharon says:

    absolutely agreed! a lot of people use fondant and gum paste to make things look pretty, but most of the times those things don’t taste very good. i would rather have my slightly less impressive looking deliciousness!

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