so, first and foremost, apologies for the silence– the past couple weeks have been insane. between residual post-conference madness (the sales reps are all jazzed up and selling, which requires support from me and my team), filling three spots (which means countless interviews, processes, and doing some of the work for those positions myself), half my team being out (vacations, sick, conferences, etc), meetings, projects, a visit from my folks, a wedding, a going away party, a birthday outing, various other social plans, taking advantage of the beautiful weather, and several things that i am sure i am forgetting, i haven’t been able to focus long enough to actually write up a blog post. ok, really, i am sure i could have, but if i blogged along the way, my past two weeks wouldn’t sound nearly as busy as they just did, now would they?

so, here is a semi-brief expansion of some of that fun (for those of you that just want to read about food, scroll on down past the bullet points):

  • about a month ago, as much as it pained me, i had to fire someone i was friendly with. it felt sorta like breaking up with someone, hoping that he would understand that over the past year i did everything physically possible to prevent this, except i have never broken up with someone through a mediator– in this case,the director of hr. i have to admit, i can’t tell if it was more or less awkward having someone else do it while i sat there. in any case, i posted the position, did three rounds of interviews with a large pool of applicants, and ultimately decided on the best candidate…which happened to be another member of my team, which meant i had another position to fill! i took the top candidates from the past three positions i have posted (all within the past month or so) to avoid having to post it and go through first-round interviews again, since i knew these people were already quality choices. i made my decision fairly quickly, and now i just have to wait for her current position to get filled so that i can have her. this, of course, still leaves me either doing an extra job on top of my own, or forcing the guy waiting to enter that position, or my technical guy for that product line to add a second workload on top of their own; i am trying to carefully balance the workload between myself and the technical guy, but making sure to loop in the new guy and having him assist on some of the back-end things, which doubles as training.
  • last week the aforementioned guy that is moving into the open position had to go to a conference for his current position; at the same time, two or three of my other team members were on vacation, one called out sick, two took a couple personal days, and i feel like a bad boss for not recalling where the other ones were. this upcoming week, my boss will be out, which to most people would be a relief, but for me it means more meetings, more waiting for things to get signed off on before moving forward with projects, and other fun things of that nature.
  • i haven’t been set up in years… i think my last blind date was five years ago; then again i think my last first date was also five years ago (i haven’t been on one since my last relationship ended somewhere between 1.5 and 2 years ago). a few months ago, my friend and her boyfriend wanted to introduce me to their friend, so i briefly met up with them at a bar (i wasn’t feeling well, so i didn’t stay long); this friend was nice, and cute, but it seemed that neither of us was the other’s type. then, my mom and her best friend who got married yesterday was hoping that i would be able to convince her new step-son to move back to the us from denmark, and by convince, they meant date. i could tell by the pictures that he was a bit of a party boy, which is fine for some people, but not my scene. they said he was really nice, so since he was in town for a few weeks, i invited him to my friend meaghan’s going away party (her last day of working with us). turns out they were right that he is really nice, and i was also right that he is not my type… funny side note: my friend’s boyfriend brought the guy they introduced me to a few months ago, and i ended up sitting at a table with him and the dane for an hour and a half– it seems they really got along well. oh, the irony. yesterday at the wedding, i was told that there was a guy checking me out, but that he wasn’t exactly single, but rather unhappily married. oh, and my mom’s other friend that i went out to dinner with last weekend told me that she wants me to meet her neighbor, who they think i will really like, except that he might be gay. oy. let me set the record straight: i am not looking to date per se, just making a comment about how much of a hilarious failure all of these attempts have been! i am the kind of girl that likes to fall ass backwards into relationships; i don’t like to look for them (no online dating for me, thanks), nor get set-up, i like for it to just happen naturally, by accident. of course the only guys i seem to hit it off with lately end up being married, and i am not looking to be a homewrecker!
  • i went to a bar for my friend ali’s birthday last weekend, where it ended up being karaoke night. i was going to go up by myself (i can’t sing to save my life, but i really didn’t care what the people there thought), but my friends seemed interested in coming up with me, so i tried to convince them to pick a song, any song… i ended up leaving before that ever happened. anybody out there have a good suggestion for a karaoke song, for next time? i would like to be prepared with some good ideas.
  • yesterday’s wedding was the first danish one i have been to, despite my dad’s family being danish. the traditions were interesting, and i really wish i had recorded the best man’s speech, as it was hilarious. the topper on the wedding cake was the best one i have ever seen. definitely the most accurate:

the ladies:

okay, so, now, back to the food. the reason you are here.

i had promised to post more gluten-free vegan recipes, and i had every intention of making something mouth wateringly awesome. i am not one to shy away from “healthy” tasting things… i eat lots of unsweetened whole grain stuff with no issue, so i didn’t think buckwheat would be any different. it sounded like such a great way to enjoy hearty gluten-free pancakes, so i made some delicious cinnamon apples (combining sliced apples, cinnamon, and brown rice syrup over medium heat until slightly softened), and eagerly awaited trying the now lightly browned buckwheat pancakes. i ignored the fact that the batter was grey since the pancakes themselves looked fine. i poured the warm apples over three of the pancakes, made the first cut, and took a bite. YUCK! i don’t know if it was the recipe i used, but these things were nowhere near worthy of being called pancakes. i considered finishing them, but eating should be enjoyable, and i had some van’s gluten-free vegan waffles in my freezer that would be much more enjoyable with the apples. incase you want to try the recipe i used, you can find it here, but otherwise, since i still have the majority of the bag of flour left, i will most likely try out another recipe soon. there has to be a good buckwheat pancakes recipe out there! there just *has* to! for now though, i will savor how tasty the apples were on the toaster waffles (i know,¬†sacrilege!)

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