vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting

last week was my annual conference for work, which meant 7am-11pm or later every night… of course, i had committed to baking 3 dozen cupcakes for a bridal shower on saturday. what does this mean? i snuck out during the time i should have been getting ready for the awards dinner, quickly baked the cupcakes, went back, threw myself together, and then woke up early on saturday to make the icing. if i were a normal person, i would have stuck with one variety, but no, i couldn’t do that; i made: vanilla vanilla, chocolate vanilla, vanilla raspberry, chocolate raspberry, chocolate chocolate, chocolate peanut butter, and my favorite, vanilla lemon (which seemed to be a fan favorite as well!). i did keep it fairly simple though– for the vanilla was dorie’s perfect party cake, the chocolate was ree’s best chocolate cake ever, and the icing was magnolia’s vanilla with flavors added. i heard a rumor that i am wonder woman… it might be true!


One Response to with this cake, i thee wed

  1. sarah says:

    very impressed! hope you still have some spoons left! 😉

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