one of the great things about vegan baking is that when things are undercooked, they are still safe to eat. i know some people are not afraid to eat raw eggs; i am not one of these people– unless they are pasteurized, i won’t serve raw eggs. since i was baking for justin’s birthday and his lovely lady, sheryl, is vegan, eggs were substituted out in this recipe. it is a good thing, since they came out extra ooey gooey. so much so that i texted on my way over to see if they had vanilla (nondairy, of course) ice cream to balance out the richness. they didn’t have any and the store i went to was all out, so they ate them as-is and loved them anyway!
i was drawn to this recipe because of the simplicity. four ingredients and only two real steps? yes, please. especially after making 100+ cookies yesterday and a normal sized batch of cookies this morning! they came together very quickly, and like i said they tasted great, but since i baked them in an 8×8 pan they started browning on top before the insides were cooked thoroughly. if you are using eggs, i suggest using a 13×9 pan so that they cook more evenly throughout.
i am not entirely pleased with this recipe for my goal of creating a true bar cookie– it was more like a blondie (yes, there is a difference), and may try to make them again using one of my tested cookie recipes next time. or at the very least i will make sure i have vanilla ice cream to serve with it!
recipe modified from celiacchicks
1 16oz jar of natural peanut butter
2 eggs (i used egg-replacer)
2 tsp baking soda
1 cup liquid sweetener (honey, maple syrup, corn syrup, etc)
chocolate chips, to taste (i used a bag of sunspire)
Combine all ingredients and beat until well blended. bake in bar pan until golden brown on top (approx 20 minutes for 13×9, 45 for 8×8– again, i do not suggest 8×8 if you are using real eggs). let cool, slice, enjoy! these can also be made as cookies; i imagine you would bake them for about 10 minutes or so.
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  1. Micks says:

    I request a second celebration of Justin’s birthday/excuse for baking something delicious when I move back east in August!!!

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